Nonchalantmom: Melissa Joy Manning

Melissa Joy Manning - We are so excited to add Melissa Joy Manning to our store, I have been in love with her jewelry for many years now mostly because of the natural beauty of her pieces. Jewelry is such a personal thing and I love jewelry that is for every day - you have the joy of wearing it each and every day and it is never old or out of fashion. Which is why I like to offer jewelry that is 14 karat gold and sterling silver, to add to this Melissa uses recycled and sustainable materials. You will find that her pieces don't cut through her stones but she takes them in their natural beauty and showcases them from every angle. You may start as I did with her earring huggs - there is nothing more delightful for daily wear, and then slowly take on more pieces, heirloom pieces that you will hand down in your family for years to come.