Nonchalantmom: Nesting Materials

Within Nesting Materials you will find all good things for the home. Cozy Home includes things for moms and dads like pillows, blankets and things to make your home more like a nest! Some items are hand made and one of a kind from friends that I have in Italy and Sweden. We have found some of the best Toys around, looking mostly to Sweden for inspiration. I think that there is nothing like the feeling of wood in kids hands, so I try to stick with all wood toys…I try…

Getting Around has trikes, scooters and bikes; it’s all your child needs to mobilize.You will find the great Dan Zane CD’s in Books and CD’s. These CD’s are filled with fun, dancing and laughter for the whole family. I can listen to Dan Zane and his friends play music all day long with my son, over and over again! And Russell+Hazel have filled our paper store with all things your child needs to show off their creativity at school (and some fun things for parents too!).

My Flea Market section will continue to fill up as time goes by, these are just some small treasures that I have found along the way. There is nothing better than to have a Portrait of your family or your children, and if you peek into the portrait section you will find some other ideas when you look at paintings by Karim Hamid and David Bender. And Gifts, well I love to wrap gifts, so just let me know the occasion and there we go!