Shop Location: 556 Kingstown Road, Wakefield, Rhode Island - 02879

Nonchalant Mom started as a small idea back in 2004, and then it just kept growing. We were pioneers in the web-boutique craze, I remember going to shows and trying to explain that we were going to curate an amazing collection of designers and makers into an online shop, at that time there were only books online, well let's just say people thought I was a bit crazy and some wouldn't even sell to me. But I knew it was a good idea, and if we combined it with good information on raising your kids in a healthy way, people would read AND shop. I pulled together people we knew and loved from New York City and California and showed them off to the world! These designers weren't known past their New York City neighborhoods, but I knew that everyone would love them! And they did and they still DO.

We are an honest operation and we like to work with honest people. Most of the collections we carry in our store are the result of a friendship. If I don't know and love what someone is doing, trust that they are creating good in this world, we don't do it. Because I've tried that - I've sold things in my shop that had a better price or were not made very well and I didn't feel good about selling it. I like to stick with people I know who are making good things. "You must be the change you want to see in the world" - who said that? Ghandi, that's who!

Our collections are made by professionals, but they are usually also Moms (and even sometimes Dads) they know how to make something good. But since they are often making small production, with manufacturing usually local to their base of creation, the price of fabric and materials is a bit higher, the production is slower and usually costs a bit more. Because the people I work with focus on integrity (fair wages) and quality (often hand made) it usually means the costs are going to be a bit more. If you look at it in the way that we do... putting people together to make good things, well it all just makes more sense than buying something cheap from large operations.

I still pack every box, work with every customer questioning a purchase on the phone or through emails. I still vacuum my store every Monday and Thursday, but that's what feels right to me. I get a lot of emails from people wanting to do this and I always tell them, it's not easy, it's not glamorous and you've got to love it because it's not going to make you rich! I feel so lucky that I have amazing customers - I call them 'my people' when anyone asks, because they have been with me for such a long time. I have been in the fashion industry in just about every aspect over the past 30 years, as a designer, merchandiser, salesman, production manager and even public relations (and some of my jobs were all of those at once!) - this is my favorite!

I hope you enjoy shopping with me and please do not hesitate to email me with any questions. Only nice stuff please... mean emails bum me out!

Love, Carina