wovenplay/jess brown collaboration lohengrin doll :: cream/red :: SALE was $234
This doll is a collaboration between Jess Brown - who makes these wonderful hand-made, one of a kind, rag dolls in Petaluma California. Each doll is hand made one by one, she prefers to make them herself and as you can see each doll has it's own personality. They are the perfect shape for your little girl to love and enjoy, sleep with and carry with her always (or yes, some people DO collect them!). This particular doll is a collaboration with Wovenplay, she gets a special costume, in this case made with duchess silk satin tutu, and cotton hand printed socks. She is 22" high and made of tea dyed cotton, cashmere hair and stuffed with natural corn-based fiber content. They can be spot cleaned and clothes are removable. doll is as you see here in photo
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