jada suit - fruit print :: SOLD OUT!
Wovenplay is a collection that keeps me on my toes, sure you think you know what's good for you... then you see what Wovenplay has in store for you and then you KNOW what you want! Each piece is made with amazing care and detail, most finishings bring you back to French dressmakers details and it just keeps getting better. Katherine does her own dying with teas and natural dyes and prints that are simple and delightful as is her look! I love it all and life just wouldn't be the same without her. The jada suit is one of our favorites, our daughter used hers as a swimsuit for almost 3 years! nothing was cuter at the beach that that Jada suit! It's a great playsuit or whatever you want! ties at the shoulder so that you can customize the fit, soft elastic at the waist and snaps at the bottom for easy bathroom breaks. 100% cotton - handwash and hang to dry - fit is true to size - each size will last for years!
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