supereditions :: the magic sausage
supereditions is a small french company that makes these wonderful little paper books, you know the kind that keep your kids incredibly busy when you are out to dinner! All you need are some colored pens, crayons or markers and you are set! Actually, it doesn't end there you can paint, watercolor just about anything on the fine art paper that they use! The books consist of about 12 pages and have a story line that illustrates well, with pages that say things like: "So I kept it and went to the playground. The sausage started playing jump rope with my friends, who liked it right away" ...see what I mean!? This fun little books are great and can be taken seriously and kids can make elaborate illustrations or easy does it and scribbles are fine too! There are also books available in French, which is a great way to learn the language! suitable for just about any age... all the way up to teens!
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