nico nico/kalon studios :: field tent :: SALE was $320
The Field Tent is part of the Wilderness Collection, a collaboration between Kalon Studios and Nico Nico. These beautiful, practical tools are inspired by traditional expedition tackle and the rugged intellectuals of America’s early naturalist movement. Made from the classic, natural materials of wood, leather and canvas. All pieces in the collection are designed to open up a child’s fantasy world and to set no boundaries on creativity. The Field Tent is designed to be lightweight and sturdy enough for boisterous play. With leather detailing and a window that can be closed or tied open, the tent is sized to be roomy enough for play and sleep. The window could also be used to stage an impromptu puppet theater. contact me if you want to see more photos or have additional questions. measures: 61.5"L x 53"H x 60"W (large enough for a twin matress) materials: birch, canvas, leather
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