elephant skin print - white t w/pink stripe - 2y :: SALE!
This season I asked RISD student, Meagan Phipps, to work on the t-shirts for Nonchalant Kids. She was going to intern for me but after seeing her amazing portfolio I thought it would be more exciting for her to create some things directly for the collection. I asked her to create two prints, make the screens and print the t-shirts herself and I am completely in love with the unique way that these turned out! for this print she was inspired by a collage of her own charcoal drawings and drew and erased over the collage in many layers to achieve the pattern. "In doing this, I was thinking about the worn surface of elephant skin, as well as what it means to erase something or reverse a process" I love they way she said this to me and it brings it all to life! These are 100% cotton hand printed t-shirts - we have tested and washed them in cold and they can also be put into the dryer on medium to low. These were printed on American Apparel blanks so the fit runs a little small if you have dealt with these before.
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