short sleeve sweater - burnt umber - 2y :: SALE!
You know the story behind these sweaters but if you don't please read my blog, I had a wonderful student from RISD create these wonderful sweaters! She helped to design them, she knit each and every one of them and she came up with some amazing solutions, like making the shoulders without a seam! This sweater fits great, is super cute with shirts underneath or just alone, it's all great! I like making sweaters for kids that are either vests of short sleeve, I think that kids get too hot with long sleeve sweaters so this is the perfect solution! The yarn is 50% cotton / 50% wool, the yarn is from Nebraska so we made these sweaters with an extremely low carbon footprint! wash in cool, by hand (this is a great place to use 'soap nuts' but if you don't have them shampoo and if you want make them soft you can even use conditioner!) - these sweaters are sized kind of small so keep this in mind when choosing sizes - the color is a dark, dark olive green (click on the close-up to see the color better)
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