ISHI amulet necklace - rutilated quartz :: SOLD
Ishi works to promote professional and creative development of artisans in Mexico. Through jewelry Ishi expresses the cultural and spiritual richness of Mexico, believing that the intricate essence of each handmade piece merges with that of the person who wears it. This is what I look for in jewelry, a piece that becomes you and not overshadows. These are my favorite pieces from the artisans Ishi brings together. These quartz stones are strung on a 36" leather cord, they are wrapped in brass and silver beads and held on the leather cord with a crochet string - they are amazing! the stones are approx. 1" x 1" and are each made as one of a kind. This piece is rutilated quartz which means that there are thin lines of mineral running through the stone. Some earth-based faiths believe that gemstones contain certain spiritual and healing properties. Rutilated quartz is believes to bring forth one’s personal strengths, empowers originality, and helps one to related to others. It is also believed to relieve feelings of loneliness and depression.
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