Washington DC map baby quilt - navy blue - SOLD OUT
Each quilt is made of natural cotton and a thick 100% cotton batting, the quilt is perfect for snuggling or as a newborn's keepsake gift. Each 42" x 36" quilt is custom printed and hand-knotted. Soft cotton loops are stitched to the binding of the quilt so it can be used as a wall-hanging. All of these quilts can be personalized with hand-embroidered details, each quilt comes with a little sac with an embroidery kit to personalize your quilt with a 'house' patch (you can put the patch on the map as to where 'home' is), a 'heart' patch maybe to put with the babies name and date, and then also a dragon patch which is the chinese zodiac for 2012! These quilts make the best gifts and the perfect keepsake! This map is of Washington it is a navy blue map with green on the back side.
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