ESP NO 1 space-dye sweater - royal - SOLD OUT!
I've scoured the market and finally found the jeans that I really love + the company that I really like... ESP no.1 is a wonderful young husband and wife team that is talented aND experienced (you need that in the denim world!) Thankfully they didn't stop at jeans, they are just too talented with a full range of knit and woven pieces that make a very simple, clean and incredibly well fitting collection. My kids boast the softness... I love the craftsmanship and durability! I am not big on sweaters for kids, unless they look and feel like these do! They will love wearing this sweater and the look is nothing but cool! 100% soft lambs wool - hand wash (or delicate machine if you have a good one) lay flat to dry and re-shape - made in USA.
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