foldover clutch - tan suede/neon zip :: SOLD OUT
Clare Vivier bags are the perfect size and an easy essential bag. It's taken me years to find the right bags for Nonchalant Mom and I have finally found the bags I love from Clare, every one of them has their place and they are all so perfect for every day and going out! All bags are made in the USA (California to be exact) so they are very proudly "locally made". Clare Vivier is a collection of bags that embodies timeless style over trend, quality over hype, and progress over abstraction. They are just plain great! (and without any name all over it!) The foldover clutch is by far the favorite (as long as you already have a La Tropezienne!) It measures 11" x 11" and then when it folds over it's approx. 6" x 11" her zipper and pull are quality dipped brass and there is also a leather pull.
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