Elixirs & Co :: roll-on Bach flowes & Essential oils - Urgences - SOLD OUT
Elixirs & Co is the first range to fully harness the benefits of the 38 flower remedies discovered by Dr Bach, through a range of natural and innovative scents. These essences are created by Gérard Wolf in France, a specialist in Bach flower remedies. They strictly follow Dr BAchs original method, picking wild flowers in environments clean of any human or industrial pollution and extract their essences in strict accordance with Dr Bach's original method. Bach flower essences help to re-balance our emotional state, resulting in a better ability for our body to stay healthy. These unique roll-on is a great answer to modern society troubles and are certified organic by ecocert. The Urgences roll-on helps to bring rapid comfort, alleviates pain and gives strength. Using Bach flower essences of Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Scieranthus, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Crab Apple and Cherry Plum with Essential Oils of Sciary Sage, Exotic Verbena, Mint and Lavender. Use on neck, under the ears or on wrists. These roll-ons do not have a heavy scent, moreover meant to boost your mind and body, carry in your purse to roll-on anytime (just don't leave in your car! heat is not good for this product). 10ml
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