AVIATOR NATION 'Pray For Surf' hoodie - red :: SALE was $96
Aviator Nation has taken the vintage t-shirt reproduction to the next level. Paige Mycoskie, creator of Aviator Nation, has spent years collecting her own vintage tís. She researched the machines used to produce t's in the 60's and 70's, the fabric and all aspects of production. In creating Aviator Nation she has achieved that look and feel of the true vintage t-shirt. Her delightful messages and stitched on appliques make Aviator Nation a true passion. When I found these hoodies on a recent trip to California I was hooked! I love to look and my kids LOVE how soft these hoodies are.. AND they love the message! The kids 'Pray For Surf' hoodie has a zip front and stripe stitched on applique stripe and pray for surf printed on the back. 50% cotton / 37% polyester and 12% rayon - machine wash cold on gentle cycle - tumble dry low heat. sizes fit true to size or slightly small.
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